Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hannah climbed our first flight of stairs this morning - all by herself. I was upstairs tending to Steven. Thankfully she was determined on going up and didn't attempt to go back down. She hasn't fallen yet, although she's only climbed stairs about 1/2 dozen or so times now - up until now it was only 2 steps at a time.

Steven turns two on Wednesday, Hannah is 9 months old as of tomorrow. They are so much fun (most of the time!)
Steven: "Am I in trouble?"

After one of Hannah's naps, I was on the phone and Steven was anxious to see her, so I opened the door and let him in. A few minutes later, after I finished my phone call, I came in the room. Hannah was quietly sitting there, near buried under a mountain of stuff that Steven had happily piled in her crib.

Steven was thrilled to play in his new playground creation. He climbed on the bin and flipped himself in.

Hannah had fun being in there with Steven.

New Toy Box

Grandma C. got Steven a new toy box for his upcoming birthday (he turns two on Wednesday!) The kids love to sit/stand/kneel in front of it, taking toys out and laughing.

Steven's Numbers

Steven "Reading"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sew Much?

I'm grateful for all the sewing I'm able to do.
Here's a few of my projects of late:

Medium/Small Cover & Pocket Diaper (Gifts)

Medium/Small Pocket Diapers (Order)

Medium/Small Pocket Diapers (Order)

Medium/Small Diaper Covers (Order)

Medium/Small & Small Pocket Diapers - photo is missing one of each size
(made for Hannah & Steven)

Feeding Herself Bananas... Yum!

Daddy Time

Muscle Man

Trying out the leggings Mommy made...

Steven Pics

Sledding with Grandma

Buddies: Steven & his cousin, Tanner

Kiddo Pics

Hannah (looking for food?)

Teaching Hannah to do stairs

Steven in his Scarlet Stitch Trousers and Suspenders


I love books!