Monday, October 29, 2007

Steve's 30th Birthday!

On Saturday the 27th, we celebrated Steve's 30th birthday (Oct. 23). Thank you to those who came out. We had a lot fun! Steve managed to blow out his 30 candles in one breath! He was completely surprised to receive the Settlers games - thank you!

Baby on Board!

I am now 4 months along - getting a little belly! The pregnancy has been enjoyable for the most part. I only had nausea a couple times, and short-lived (5-10 minutes each time), for which I am very grateful.

At 12 weeks, I had a rare pregnancy complication known as an incarcerated uterus which caused urinary retention. In English, that means I couldn't urinate. Very painful, but thankfully the uterus is all straightened out now and all is well.

Oct. 28th was the first time Steve and I got to feel the baby move!


Just after Thanksgiving, Steve and I will trek out to Grand Rapids, MI to find housing and work. We'll be there for one week. Please pray that the Lord will be gracious to us. Looking forward to it!!

We will be heading out for good sometime between December 26-31, depending upon when we can move into our new place.

Steve starts classes on January 4th.

Act of Faith - final performance

We performed our final drama, "I Will Go" on October 19th and 20th at 2 & 7pm both days.This play was in the works for over three years. By the grace of God, He made it what it was. It was a wonderful experience for me to watch Him bring in the right people to make it all happen. The cast was great!I trust the Lord used it fully for His glory, as He was there, blessing it all along the way. Praise be to Him!And now... Act of Faith is "said and done". After eight years, it's sad to see it end, and yet I'm thankful for the years we had. I'm especially grateful that we were able to end in the way we did. And only the Lord knows, perhaps down the road someone will pick up where we left off and run with it.