Saturday, February 23, 2008

General Updates

Thankfully our cold/flu episodes are over! That deep cough was tough, being pregnant and all.

Steve's working hard at school, with papers and tests and all. He's doing great!! He's started a men's group on Thursday mornings and has enjoyed the fellowship from that.

I've been keeping busy with making bread and baking some other goodies (and trying not to eat them!). I've been doing A LOT of reading and loving it! (Mostly about baby stuff for now.) I've enjoyed crocheting with other gals here and hope to learn how to make quilts after the baby's born.

We've both been seeing a husband/wife chiropractic team that our previous chiropractor and good friend Dr. Lezlie was able to refer us to. We're so very much appreciating them, their service and sharing of knowledge with us!

We've both been blessed and enriched by our church family, worshipping with them Sunday mornings and evenings, enjoying bible study and prayer meetings on Wednesday evenings and fellowshipping with various friends throughout the week.

8 Months!

I'm now 8 months along (36 weeks). Looking forward to the end of it, although it's still highly enjoyable, knowing there's a little one inside. We're getting pretty excited for our new arrival. I've been feeling Braxton Hicks contractions quite frequently, some are stronger than others - all a part of the body getting ready! If our baby is early (like we hope), then it could be here in 2 short weeks!! If it comes on our due date, then 4 short weeks, and if it comes when our midwife says it most likely will - 5 short weeks. Whatever time it arrives, we'll be glad - and it'll be here soon - time is already going by so very quickly!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


The bookkeeping work that I had lined up fell through. It turns out that the man I was working for wasn't upfront and had a difficult time communicating properly. He had unreasonable expectations and was high-strung. Unfortunately this made for a difficult and stressful situation, of which I determined, with Steve's full support, to walk away from. I am not even sure if I will receive payment for the work I have done, but we are leaving that in the Lord's hands. Also, the man is not a believer, and so we are praying for his salvation and the Lord's will be done as to why our paths even crossed.

Steve is still searching for work.

We have been unsuccessful thus far in our efforts to place our candy machines.

Steve and I have both come down with some type of cold/flu-bug, which has slowed us down. Thankfully, Steve normally recovers from these things much quicker than I and is feeling better after a day of not. I, on the other hand, have been fighting a cough for about a week and then it turned into this nasty thing that it is (that's when Steve joined me in the suffering). I am still feeling under the weather, but Lord willing will mend quickly. And so, I'm taking things easy and trying to rest.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bookkeeping Work

I started doing some bookkeeping work for a construction company last week. I'm thankful for the job opportunity - I highly enjoy sorting out accounting messes! The schedule is flexible, for which I'm equally grateful for. I'm working Mon-Thurs from 11-5pm to coordinate with Steve's class schedule.

Juggling our schedules with one vehicle hasn't been too much of a challenge, although our little Ford Focus gives us enough challenges with all the snow. I think this vehicle was made for summer. Steve sure handles the driving in this crazy snowy weather very nicely. I'm enjoying letting him drive often!
I'm officially 7 months (32 weeks) pregnant as of Sunday, January 27th. The little one has moved and so has it's movements - it's kicking more of my organs lately, it seems. That's alright, it's still enjoyable being pregnant, although I'm getting anxious to meet this little one. We're hoping to have the baby 2 weeks early so we have Steve's spring break to enjoy all the new changes together. Of course we realize we have no control over when baby will come, and so we trust the good Lord that when baby is "done cooking", it'll come - God's timing is always so perfect.

I'm enjoying keeping up on exercising. I praise the Lord often for our treadmill. I walk 15 minutes/day on it. It feels great. I'm trying to eat healthy and doing fairly well, although having bags of candy lying around (no longer useable for our candy business) isn't always conducive to healthy eating :).

Lately we've been doing some re-thinking in regards to diapers. I really wanted to give cloth diapers a try (reason: to save money), but I'm losing some resolve. We live in an apartment where we have to pay for laundering facilities, so that's a major drawback. We also have free garbage disposal, so that's no additional cost for using disposables. But alas, we will see. I've been blessed with some gifts of cloth diapers from friends and so we have enough to give it a try. Who knows, maybe I'll really enjoy it, and perhaps the laundering cost won't be too much comparatively speaking. We are, however, planning on taking my cousin's advice - to use disposable diapers during the first month or so.

My mom's planning on coming out to visit us from March 15th through April 15th to help with all the baby stuff. Thanks mom! I'm looking forward to her visit.

Steve's parents are coming for a visit during the week of March 23rd (my due date). Hopefully we'll have a baby for them to hold before they have to head home, but again, the baby will come when good and ready. We're looking forward to seeing Dad & Mom Carr. Hopefully the weather cooperates for our parents' travels.