Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hannah's Stroller

Grandmas recently gave Hannah a pink doll stroller. She absolutely LOVED it. Yes, "LOVED" is past tense. Steven also liked it a lot. Mostly, he liked to take it and push it around while Hannah screamed for him to bring it back. A couple days ago this is what he did. Only he tripped and fell onto the stroller, breaking one of its legs. Into the trash it went. Hannah was devestated.

However, I quickly remedied it by hooking her up with my Baby Bjorn Carrier.

Steven then wanted one, so he got a backpack carrier.

Maybe a Hannah/Steven sized doll carrier will be my next sewing projects?

(Charles thought it was still operational without one leg)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Charles turned ONE in September

Charles, just like Steven and Hannah, likes books

To celebrate Charles' first birthday, we went to the State Fair

Charles loves animals

My double stroller has had much use hauling my three kiddos. Charles has recently started to protest, as the backseat is becoming a little too snug for both him and Steven (normally Hannah rides behind Charles).

Charles loves playing in the water, just like Steven and Hannah.

* * * * *
Charles has been such a sweet, contented baby. He can be so quiet, you almost forget he's there. Just like my Steven and Hannah, Charles was moving early. He took his first step at 10 months old and I sometimes have to run to catch him now. He can go up and down steps, although he's just recently seemed to get a hold on the "down" part. He loves to snuggle, enjoys books and loves soft things. He's just about as big as Hannah and I'm often asked if they're twins. I'm pretty sure he says more words than I realize. He loves to smile.

Hannah turned TWO in June

Cake made by Grandma (yeah! no sugary frosting!!)

She's so sweet, even with a messy face!

* * * * *
Hannah is a bundle full of energy. She loves animals. She must be doing everything Steven is, and most of the time keeps up just fine. She seems to be able to say as much (or more) as he can. She loves to sing. She loves to point out airplanes. She gets very snuggly around naptime. She loves to be read to, play with toy animals, play with Steven, be outside and play at the park. She can be quite the drama-queen and throw fits when she doesn't get her way (we're working on that.) She's doing very well with her potty training, often staying dry all day, even if we're out and about.

Steven Turned THREE in March

Playing "pin-the-smoke-stack-on-Thomas"
Steven absolutely LOVES trains, especially Thomas

Opening presents

I'm not one of those moms who make amazing creations out of their cakes (hats off to those who are), but I did draw him a Thomas.

* * * * *
Steven is almost 3 1/2 years old now. He can be a very energetic boy, and he loves to look at books, be read to, learn new things & play at the computer. He loves trains and playing with blocks. He's potty-trained (day trained) and can be very helpful. He loves to wrestle and snuggle. He loves playing outside, going to the park or going for a drive. Whenever in the car, he wants to know which way we're going (right or left). He loves pointing out trains, train crossings and train bridges.

Almost a Year...

It's been almost a full year since I've posted last. That would be because, well, a lot of reasons. One being that we haven't had internet for about a year. One being that life is just plain busy with three little blessings to tend to.

It's been a full, busy year.

We've made another move - to the twin city area - about 2 months ago. We're enjoying being so close to Steve's work and our church.

More posts to follow... with pics.