Monday, September 26, 2011

Hannah turned TWO in June

Cake made by Grandma (yeah! no sugary frosting!!)

She's so sweet, even with a messy face!

* * * * *
Hannah is a bundle full of energy. She loves animals. She must be doing everything Steven is, and most of the time keeps up just fine. She seems to be able to say as much (or more) as he can. She loves to sing. She loves to point out airplanes. She gets very snuggly around naptime. She loves to be read to, play with toy animals, play with Steven, be outside and play at the park. She can be quite the drama-queen and throw fits when she doesn't get her way (we're working on that.) She's doing very well with her potty training, often staying dry all day, even if we're out and about.

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