Monday, September 26, 2011

Charles turned ONE in September

Charles, just like Steven and Hannah, likes books

To celebrate Charles' first birthday, we went to the State Fair

Charles loves animals

My double stroller has had much use hauling my three kiddos. Charles has recently started to protest, as the backseat is becoming a little too snug for both him and Steven (normally Hannah rides behind Charles).

Charles loves playing in the water, just like Steven and Hannah.

* * * * *
Charles has been such a sweet, contented baby. He can be so quiet, you almost forget he's there. Just like my Steven and Hannah, Charles was moving early. He took his first step at 10 months old and I sometimes have to run to catch him now. He can go up and down steps, although he's just recently seemed to get a hold on the "down" part. He loves to snuggle, enjoys books and loves soft things. He's just about as big as Hannah and I'm often asked if they're twins. I'm pretty sure he says more words than I realize. He loves to smile.

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