Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday Costume Party

The kids' cousin Ayden turned 7 this month - and had a costume birthday party.
Hannah - Cowgirl Sheriff (gun in right hand, blankie in left)

Hannah (cowgirl sheriff), Steven (construction worker), Charles (tigger), Jordan (spiderwoman), Brooke (princess), Marcus (hunter) & Tanner (spiderman).
Ayden didn't make it in this picture.

Steven, Hannah & Charles

Nap Time

Caleb & Hannah
I babysat a friend of ours, Caleb, one day. Caleb was ready for nap before I got him into his bed, and Hannah, seeing he thought the rug was adequate enough to get comfy, decided she'd make her place there, too. They were too cute.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Charles - One Month Old

He's been my most content baby.

Fun at the park

We went to the park with my cousin Jennifer and her kids. All the kids at the playground were taking turns burying each other in the rocks. Steven decided he'd like a turn. When he was just about completely buried, he got scared and started to cry, trying to get up. I told him to wait just a minute so I could take another picture - and smile! He was so adorable, he tried to smile amidst his frowning face and I couldn't help but laugh, so I ended up with a blurry picture. (The above picture was taken just before the blurry one.)

Newborn Diaper Cover

Charles, sporting one of my Newborn Diaper Covers from



Welcome Charles Gilbert Carr

Charles Gilbert Carr, named after his grandfathers (Kevin Charles and Gilbert Dale), born September 2, 2010 at 12:02am at home.
My aunt, the tax accountant, gave us this onsie.

That makes THREE!

Steven & Charles

Hannah grew up overnight.

9 Months Pregnant

Any day now... Charles arrived 1 week late.

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

Boxes make great toys.
"Boat, Mama!"

They love to look at books (and make messes with all their toys!)

Playing outside at our new home

Another Fair

Hannah contentedly watched her older cousins and brother enjoy the rides.

Brooke, Steven, Tanner, Jordan & Ayden

Grandma & Grandpa Carr's

Steven, their Grandpa Carr & Hannah

Hannah loves to play with her Grandma's doll and cradle.
Her Grandma got them with her in mind when Hannah was just a little baby.
(Hannah is their only granddaughter alongside 6 grandsons.)
Steven's favorite toys at his grandparent's house can be seen in the upper left of the photo - cars. He particulary likes all of his Grandpa's cars from the movie Cars.

Fun with Cousins

Steven rode on rides at two different fairs with his cousins this summer.

Cousin Jacob and Steven

Ball with Daddy

Steve joined my parents' church team one game during their softball league this summer.
Steven had fun watching Daddy play and playing with him after the game.

Steven likes to read

He climbed onto the table to look at this book. I snuck up and took his picture.

Water Fun at Grandma & Grandpa's

New Hair Cut

I gave myself a haircut. (With the help of my sister-in-law.)

We cut off about 10 inches.

I'm One!

It's my birthday and I can cry if I want to!
I'm one and I won't sit still!

Hannah's 1st Birthday (June 21)

Banana Cake

Yum! More, please!

Second piece, here we go!

Mmmm, better than the first!

All done!