Saturday, February 23, 2008

General Updates

Thankfully our cold/flu episodes are over! That deep cough was tough, being pregnant and all.

Steve's working hard at school, with papers and tests and all. He's doing great!! He's started a men's group on Thursday mornings and has enjoyed the fellowship from that.

I've been keeping busy with making bread and baking some other goodies (and trying not to eat them!). I've been doing A LOT of reading and loving it! (Mostly about baby stuff for now.) I've enjoyed crocheting with other gals here and hope to learn how to make quilts after the baby's born.

We've both been seeing a husband/wife chiropractic team that our previous chiropractor and good friend Dr. Lezlie was able to refer us to. We're so very much appreciating them, their service and sharing of knowledge with us!

We've both been blessed and enriched by our church family, worshipping with them Sunday mornings and evenings, enjoying bible study and prayer meetings on Wednesday evenings and fellowshipping with various friends throughout the week.


Wife, Mom, Teacher said...

Your church family has been enriched by you, too! We're so glad you've been coming and have enjoyed visiting with you.

Crystal Carr said...

Thanks, Heidi!