Thursday, February 7, 2008


The bookkeeping work that I had lined up fell through. It turns out that the man I was working for wasn't upfront and had a difficult time communicating properly. He had unreasonable expectations and was high-strung. Unfortunately this made for a difficult and stressful situation, of which I determined, with Steve's full support, to walk away from. I am not even sure if I will receive payment for the work I have done, but we are leaving that in the Lord's hands. Also, the man is not a believer, and so we are praying for his salvation and the Lord's will be done as to why our paths even crossed.

Steve is still searching for work.

We have been unsuccessful thus far in our efforts to place our candy machines.

Steve and I have both come down with some type of cold/flu-bug, which has slowed us down. Thankfully, Steve normally recovers from these things much quicker than I and is feeling better after a day of not. I, on the other hand, have been fighting a cough for about a week and then it turned into this nasty thing that it is (that's when Steve joined me in the suffering). I am still feeling under the weather, but Lord willing will mend quickly. And so, I'm taking things easy and trying to rest.


Bryan D. Buie said...

We'll continue to keep your situation in our prayers.

-Bryan & Jill

PS) What is the name of the clothing Steve likes, again?

Steven Carr said...