Monday, October 29, 2007

Baby on Board!

I am now 4 months along - getting a little belly! The pregnancy has been enjoyable for the most part. I only had nausea a couple times, and short-lived (5-10 minutes each time), for which I am very grateful.

At 12 weeks, I had a rare pregnancy complication known as an incarcerated uterus which caused urinary retention. In English, that means I couldn't urinate. Very painful, but thankfully the uterus is all straightened out now and all is well.

Oct. 28th was the first time Steve and I got to feel the baby move!


Michael said...

congrats on the pregnancy. Good luck and I hope all goes well!
-Mike Nelson your cousin (that isn't Rance. j/k.)

Crystal Carr said...

Thanks, Mike :)