Saturday, March 15, 2008


Our midwife again voiced her opinion last Monday that we should expect to deliver one week late. I finally decided to believe her :) And so, we've enjoyed Steve's spring break - the weather's been beautiful! We've taken some walks outside, visited friends, read, relaxed.

My mom is planning to arrive late on Monday and stay with us for about a month. Steve's parents are heading out the following week (3/23) and staying for that week with Reverend Lanning and his wife. I can hardly wait for them all to arrive!

It's been wonderful to be able to walk more outside, instead of always inside on the treadmill (although I'm very grateful to have that option!). The fresh air is great! I hope I can keep walking outside up until the baby's born.

Steve's back to school on Monday. He's put out some applications for work this week and will follow-up with them on Monday, as well. We're so grateful to the Lord for supplying our every need.

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Wife, Mom, Teacher said...

I'm getting so excited to see your sweet little baby! You're going to be great parents!