Thursday, August 14, 2008

Carr Update #40

It's been busy trying to get back into life again here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Finally I'm able to sit down and give a little update:

On Growing:
Last time he was weighed, which has been a few weeks now, he weighed in at just over 15 lbs. He's about 24 inches long now, and is still very strong. He can roll over multiple times now. He can lift his upper body and shift himself to either side to change the direction he facing. When I lay him on the floor on a blanket, if he wants, within seconds he's on his stomach and no longer on the blanket, he's getting to be more and more mobile everyday. He's trying so hard to crawl! He kicks his legs and can lift up off of them. He's got the strength, he just needs the coordination of his legs and arms together.

On ECing~
The past week or so we've had more days, I think, with 3-6 wet/dirty diapers instead of 1-3 a day. I did count one day to see how many times he went in a 24-hour period, as I was getting asked that often. He went about 20 times in 24 hours. So I guess 3-6 misses per day still means 14-17 times that I got him to the potty. Lately he seems to prefer the toilet to pee in over his potty chair. He'll still go pee in his potty chair, but he'll go much quicker on the toilet. Not sure why that is...

On Working:
Sven's enjoyed the work opportunity at the Seminary library. Soon it'll be wrapping up for the summer. He's hoping to get a new job very soon.

On School:
Sven's summer class will be ending at the end of next week. At the end of August, he'll start a full load at Kuiper for the fall semester.

On Sewing:
I've enjoyed sewing a couple diapers for a friend who recently had a baby. I'm looking forward to some more projects (each day when I have time).

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