Monday, September 29, 2008

A little bit of everything...

So much for trying to post once a week! Where has the summer gone? Oh, yes, a couple trips to MN, one to NY, and so the time has flown by.

Steven has officially taken his first "steps" crawling. He's not proficient at it yet, but he can do it. Also, when he gets frusterated with crawling, he'll flop onto his stomach and pull himself along that way. He can get to where he wants to go.

A couple days ago I was able to feel his first tooth starting to pop through. Now you can barely see two little bottom teeth. No wonder he's been sleeping so poorly!!

A word on ECing...
We've been having more misses, probably due to his teething (I've read when they are learning to crawl or walk or teething or going through any other life changes that they tend to wet their diaper more - and so it is true.) Steven still knows what the potty is for and still uses it often throughout the day. Some days we do really well, others we have a stack of wet cloth diapers.

A word on sleeping...
Steven's been waking every three hours most nights, oh how tiring for mommy, especially since he was sleeping 10-11 hours straight. The change took place during our last trip to MN and hasn't gotten much better. But, alas, with his teeth starting to pop through, I think we have our answer.

I've been blessed to start sewing for Scarlet Stitch. I love sewing and am having a lot of fun! Check out their super-cute nostalgic kid's clothes.

Sven's grandma passed away yesterday (we no longer have any living grandparents). His parents are on their way to our place right now. Sven will join them as they drive to NY for the funeral which is on Thursday.


Wife, Mom, Teacher said...

Cool about the crawling! Watch out Mama, never know where he'll end up! :)
Sorry Sven!

Beth and Dan said...

Sorry to hear about your loss.