Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All About Steven

Steven turned 11 months old yesterday.

He's actually walked to me now. He can take up to around 5 steps before falling.

He's such an avid reader. He was walking carrying one of his cardboard books the other day and fell. He got a little scratch on his eyelid from the book. He just loves looking at his books. He likes to look at our books, too, when we're not looking, as we don't let him have our books. The other day (I wish I could've gotten a picture) I peeked at Steven in the livingroom. He was sitting with his daddy's bible open in his lap as he was gently paging through it. It was absolutely adorable. If he goes a little too long with paper books, though, you start to hear pages tearing.

His pottying has been mostly awry since his last trip to MN (coinciding with his teething - I think he's still working on his next two top teeth). We've had some better days with only 2-3 misses, but a lot of days with 5 to even 9 misses. Two things have been encouraging, though. On a number of occasions he's signed to me "potty" (the ASL for "toilet") when he's needed to go. Also, each time he crawls into the bathroom, I ask him, "Do you need to go potty? Because that's why we go to the bathroom." and then I potty him. He's done this a number of times lately and most times he did need to go potty.

He likes to give me "five" and thinks it's very funny. He's very ticklish - everywhere. He likes to play "peek-a-boo". He loves it when his daddy or I get on the floor and chase him or get chased by him.

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