Friday, April 17, 2009

20 Diapers

20 Mediums, shipped out today :)


An Eshelman said...

Whoa! Those look great. Are they pocket diapers, in which you stuff, or AIOs? Do you find that you like the velcro better than the snaps (like on Fuzzi Bunz)?

How much are you charging for these? I might have to try them!


Crystal Carr said...

Thanks! Yes, they are pocket diapers to stuff. I like the velcro because you can get a more precise fit than with snaps. However, I've ordered a snap pliers and snaps so I can try making some with those and be able to offer a choice to those who want it. Snaps are supposed to be more durable than velcro.

Newborn size: $8 each, Small & Medium sizes: $9 each, Large size: $10 each.

I like the prefolds from for inserts. The small yellow prefold fits the medium & large diapers, the newborn orange prefold fits the small diapers, and the premie prefolds fit the newborn diapers.

Crystal Carr said...

I will have to figure out the cost, but ones made with snaps may run slightly higher than the ones made with velcro.

Laura said...

Nice! Do you use velcro or Aplix?

Crystal Carr said...

I use velcro.