Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Little About Steven

Steven has started to say "yes" and nod his head and say "no" and shake his head, which has been extremely helpful and fun. He'll let me know when if he has to go to the bathroom when I ask him, which is nice.

He's had a little cold lately, but is getting better.

He's not a climber (for which I'm thankful). Maybe about 3 weeks or so ago he finally attempted to climb up one step at a friend's house (we don't have stairs in our apartment). He got on the step and didn't know what to do and then proceeded to do a belly flop off of them - twice. I think he just got scared and lost his balance. Since then, he's climbed up other stairs - maybe 4 steps - and then started to fuss, not knowing how to get down and not wanting to try to go up higher. I put a little step stool next to our couch and showed him how to climb up on to the couch using it. He seems to be getting the hang of getting down (crawling backwards - instead of diving off).

He loves to give kisses, but about half the time they involve his teeth - sharp little buggers. We're working on that.

He's been sitting much better lately for our daily bible time and family time. He now has his own little new testament we let him hold and a little Psalter for singing. He loves to page through big books. He loves to sing, too, he'll hum or sing and sway back and forth when we sing or play a music CD.

He signs "more" and "please" (and very readily when it comes to getting food).

He loves to laugh and smile and play. He likes to put things into other things or take things out.

When he's pottying, if I ask him if he's done yet and he's not, he'll shake his head at me and swing his arms ("no! don't take me off yet!). He'll do this when he wants to just sit and read, too, even if he doesn't have to go potty!

He likes other kids, but does NOT like to be pushed or pulled around. He'll share with other kids, as long as they aren't trying to take his toys away.

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