Saturday, December 29, 2007

Getting Settled

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with our families. Wednesday, December 26th, we were blessed with helpful hands loading the moving truck and our car, as well as helping pack the remaining items (which were not a few). Also, we were blessed with a delicious lunch provided by our friend Michelle from upstairs. Thank you to all! What a blessing!

The guys had the "fun" challenge of trying to strategically fit everything into our moving truck. When all was said and done basically everything fit (my mom will have to bring one of our laundry baskets and a baby bouncy seat with her when she visits in the spring).

Steve drove the moving truck while I napped a good portion of the time on Thursday, December 27th. My parents followed behind in their car (we towed our car behind the moving truck). We made pretty good time, inspite of driving slower with the truck. We reached GR a little after 9pm. A group of friends were there, ready to unload us. We weren't planning on unloading until the next day, but what a blessing to get it out of the way! We were all unloaded within 3 hours. Thank you!!

Our apartment is all-around smaller than our home in MN was. (Except we have another bedroom here). After unloading, we had a narrow walkway amidst towering stacks of boxes through the livingroom and kitchen (the bedrooms were pretty clear, as well as the bathroom - so that we could unpack into them.) Yesterday, Steve and I spent our time unpacking and made quite a dent. It's been enjoyable so far and we look forward to continuing settling in.

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