Sunday, December 2, 2007

Trip to Grand Rapids, MI

Steve and I are very grateful to the Lord's goodness and faithfulness during our trip to Grand Rapids, MI. We headed out a couple days after Thanksgiving on Saturday, November 24th and came back home on Friday, November 30th.

Steve took this picture just after we passed Mackinaw Bridge. It was a bit windy. We hit some weather on the way to GR, so it took a little longer to get there than anticipated. (Our little Focus just isn't that same as Steve's Jimmy was!) But we made it!

We found and secured a place to live! We were able to get a deal on the apartment because the seminary where Steve will be attending has an agreement with the apartments. We're very grateful!

We visited the college that Steve has about 1 year left at (after that he'll attend seminary). We also visited the Seminary, attended worship and checked out the bookstore.

We had a nice time visiting with some friends, connecting with our church family and getting to know the area a little bit more. We applied for work, opened a bank account, saw our midwife, etc., etc. It was a very encouraging time for both Steve and I, as the "puzzle pieces" came together quite nicely. We're so grateful to the Lord.

And now... we've a busy 4 weeks ahead of us, filled with packing, work, Christmas parties, baby showers, etc., etc. But all is well and we look forward to it!

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