Friday, April 4, 2008

Update on baby and all...

I'm working on writing up our birth story, for those of you who are interested. Of course it's a little slow in coming, since I've got a little handful right now :) Thank you for everyone's prayers for a safe labor and delivery. The birth was something I will always look back on fondly, I very much enjoyed our home birth.

We're enjoying Steven. We've had a few days of an upset tummy with him, but I think that's all working out and he's doing much better (which means we are too!) He cooes when he sleeps sometimes - too cute.

He arrived just in time for Sven's (Steve's) parent's arrival which was the Tuesday afternoon after he was born. We had a nice time with them in town. They headed back home to MN later that week on Friday.

My mom is still in town until the 12th. We've so been blessed by her company and assistance. She's visiting her brother Marc in New Baltimore today and tomorrow and then will be back at our place.

We're excited and looking forward to going back to MN from the 17th of April until the 21st. Sven's parent's have graciously arranged for our flight back so that Kevin can administer Steven's baptism. We're very excited to bring Steven to meet our families and friends back in MN and thankful that Kevin is able to baptize him.

Sorry, I'll have to get more pictures on here next time... they're on the other computer!

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Wife, Mom, Teacher said...

It was so nice to see all of you at church yesterday. It was nice also to see what loving and wise parents you are! (Not that I'm surprised.) :)