Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Updates on the Carr's

We're staying in Detroit tonight, heading out tomorrow morning on a flight to MN. We're looking forward to seeing family and friends back home and to having Steven baptized on Sunday by Dad Carr.

Poor Steven has been plagued by an upset tummy and so he's not too happy. It's hard because there's not too much we can do to help him except try to get him comfy, but that only does so much. Some days are better than others as far as his tummy issues go.

He growing fast - he weighs over 9 lbs. now (was 7 lb. 5 oz. when he was born) and is filling out. He's got beautiful blue eyes and his dark hair has lightened to a dark brown. His complexion was perfect when he was born, but now he's got baby acne. He makes such funny faces with his mouth and eyes. He makes good eye contact and can hold his head up very well.

Sven has finals coming up soon after we get back from MN (semester ends at the end of this month), then he'll be taking a class for the May semester, an independent study this summer, 13 credits this fall, and 3 classes in the spring - and then he'll graduate from college and on to seminary!

I'm enjoying using the cloth diapers. Thanks to many I have a good assortment to try out. I made one diaper and look forward to making many more. Thanks to my aunt and sister who purchased us a counter top washing machine and our pastor's wife who purchased us a clothes drying rack, I'm able to wash the diapers at home and dry them on our deck (or inside when it's too cold).

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