Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Busy! Updates on the Kids...

It feels so busy around here! It feels like it's been awhile since I've written. We've been enjoying deer season at my folk's place - one more weekend to get our deer! Steve's been doing the hunting, I'm having fun visiting and tending to the kiddos. It's so fun to see Steven interact with his cousins!

On Night Sleeping:
I had hoped the sleeping-through-the-night was the new trend, unfortunately, it was the exception. She's back to waking often. I did find out the most likely culprit, however - teething. I'll have to look back at Steven's baby calendar, but if I recall correctly, I think he was closer to 6 months old when he popped his first teeth, not 4 months old! Hannah's a petite gal, too, smaller than he was, so I've contented myself with accepting the night nursing for awhile yet before trying again to back off. I'm just making sure to not nurse her more frequently than I do during the day.

On Naps:
Hannah takes her naps like clockwork and goes down fairly easy when we're at home and there's a fan nearby. She tends to fight her last nap of the day, sometimes not taking it altogether. When we're out, she'll go to sleep contendedly in my sling or carrier, but my back can only handle carrying her for a short while before I'm in pain, so I use this only when it's most convenient to do so. Either putting her in the sling, or snuggling her in my arms is our favorite way to get her nap in while at church. Once she's asleep, I'll often lay her down next to me, in order to spare my arms and back. Last Sunday, I did indulge in the church nursery and let the gals in there hold her and put her to sleep. They enjoyed that and Hannah slept beautifully.

On Obedience:
There's a few things that I can think of that Steven will do almost everytime I ask him to: throw something in the garbage (he particularly likes to throw away kleenex, as well as wipe his nose with it), empty the dryer, get into his high chair & go upstairs for a bath (although he has been slacking in his enthusiasm for this the past couple nights). He does fairly well with cleaning up his toys, with a major factor being how tired he is. He will play nicely with Hannah when he knows I'm watching; when I'm not watching, sometimes he likes to experiment with hitting or sitting on her. He went through this head-butting/hitting stage that lasted a few weeks. He's at the tail-end of it, it seems. He's rarely head-butting, although there's still some issues with pushing and hitting. The head-butting was the most frusterating, as he got us good a few times.

On Going to Bed:
He's doing fairly well with bedtime. He will cry if he's wet or poopy or just not tired. He loves to snuggle and give hugs and kisses.

On Naps:
He's taking shorter naps now, or sometimes none at all. He typically takes one nap a day, if that, after lunch time. Even if he doesn't sleep, he stays in his crib until naptime is over. As my kids get older, I hope to maintain a quiet time in the middle of the day.

On Talking:
Steven still doesn't say very many audible words on a consistent basis; however, lately I have noticed him talking more. One new word that comes to mind is "eat".


I'm so very much enjoying our kids, seeing their smiles and hearing their laughs are such blessings. I enjoy seeing them both learning and growing. The thought of them makes me want so much to be a good and Godly mother to them. Children are such wonderful blessings from the Lord; I'm so grateful for his goodness to us!

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