Sunday, February 14, 2010

Haven't Blogged Lately...

Things have been busy in the Carr household, hence my lack of blogging in such a long time (and hence my past "catch-up" blog posts).

In the heat of tax season now. Enjoying keeping busy, working Monday - Friday and every other Saturday. He's also enjoying teaching Sunday School at our church in Farmington.

He's talking more and more. Tonight her came out of the room carrying one of his number books - full of the number 8. He was pointing to all the eights and saying "eight, eight". He says Hannah often, but rarely Daddy or Mommy. He can answer the first three questions of the Children's Catechism - the first answer is "God" (Q: Who made you?). The second he answers with his hands "All things" (Q: What else did God make?). The third he answers with his hands and trying to repeat what I say "For his own glory" (Q: Why did God make you and all things?).

He's walking up and down stairs more and more on his feet instead of on his knees.

He loves Hannah; loves to hold her, talk to her, climb on her, push her face into the floor, make her cry by screaming piercing screams at bedtime, tickle her, help hold her bottle when she's eating, pat her head, point out her ears and eyes and nose and mouth, play with her, share his sippy cup with her, try to share his food with her.

She's a week shy of turning 8 months old. She's standing up more and more. She's crawling like crazy. She climbed up one stair today all by herself (look out!). She's eating some solids. She loves to sit and play in the tub during bath time. She loves watching Steven and loves his attentions... most of the time. She's very smiley and laughs to laugh and be tickled.

I'm 12 1/2 weeks pregnant. So far I've only suffered about 2 weeks of nausea which is now long gone. I'm getting a little baby bump.

I'm enjoying my little ones, loving to see them play together.

I'm sewing more and more. Recently I've sewn 8 diapers for Hannah and 4 for Steven, with 4 more to finish. I'll have to take pictures when those ones are done. I've got a couple diaper orders to work on, as well as some outfits for Scarlet Stitch. I've got about a month's worth of sewing lined up and am loving it.

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Wife, Mom, Teacher said...

Good to hear what's going on. Thanks, Crystal!