Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some of what I've been doing the past couple months...

Back side of a dress for Hannah

Matching shirts for Steven and his boy cousins on Steve's side
(I forgot to photograph the hats)

Pot holders - gift

Boy's outfit - gift.

Small pocket diaper - gift.

Medium/Small Pocket Diaper (on small setting) - order

Another boy's outfit - gift

Medium/Small Diaper Cover (on small setting) - order

Same as the previous picture, set to the large setting

4 Medium/Small Pocket Diapers - order

1 Medium/Small Pocket Diaper and 1 Medium/Small Diaper Cover (same as above) - order

2 Dresses (made a third one for Hannah) - gifts

Small Diaper Cover - order

Small Diaper Cover - order

Dress - gift


Sarah said...

Hi Crystal! I haven't made my way over to your blog in awhile.... I've really enjoyed catching up! Your children are so big (and adorable), and I hope everything goes smoothly with this pregnancy! Also, I love your sewing projects, they are SO nicely done! The dresses are beautiful, my favorite is the first one. Warm greetings from Philly!

Crystal Carr said...

Thanks, Sarah! Nice to hear from you, hope you're doing well!!