Friday, November 4, 2011

Kid's Update

On Pottying...
For those of you who recall (or care), I did infant pottying with Steven, starting when he was 5 weeks old; Hannah was started at 5 days old. Charles wasn't started. :) Infant pottying can be a lot of fun and brings you to another level of communication with your child; however, it can be very time consuming. With Steven, I tried to catch every potty; with Hannah, I put her on the potty basically just during diaper changes.; with Charles, there was no time. :) Due to our crazy, busy lives, full of kids and moving around and job changes, etc., Steven's full potty training was delayed numerous times. He is now, however, fully day-trained, which has been wonderful. Hannah is currently being trained. She seems ready enough, hopefully I can just stay ready. :) Last week, I acquired another potty seat (I really like the Baby Bjorn brand of potty seats). I thought, since I now have three potties and three kids, why not potty Charles while I'm pottying the others anyways. Charles has actually gone on the potty now about 6 or so times, half of which have been #2. I don't know if it'll amount to anything, but here's to trying! And, as Charles is back into cloth, a saved diaper is great! So, Steven was 5 weeks old when he first went on the potty, Hannah was 5 days old and Charles was 14 months old - what a late-comer! ;)

On Growing and Doing...
Steven is 3 1/2 years old now. He's always liked books and letters. He can now legibly write almost all his letters and a few of his numbers. He's enjoys having words spelled or sounded out to him so he can write them down. His favorite letter is "S", for "Steven"; his next favorite is "T" for "Train". He loves Thomas the train, and any train for that matter. His favorite thing to draw is Thomas. He loves to hang any of his writings or drawings on the fridge, holding them in place with our letter magnets.
I joke that Steven is our little teenager, as he likes to sleep in. He'd stay up real late, if I let him and then sleep til noon. If I turn on his light in the morning before he'd like, even if he's laying there awake, he says, "I'm still sleeping" and rolls over.
Steven likes playing board games, doing puzzles and playing with Hannah.
He can be mischievousness and likes to coax Hannah to disobey.

Hannah is now 2 1/4. She's a talkative one. She has quite the vocabulary, not much less than Steven, I don't think. She can count past 10. She knows her letters. The other day she surprised me, as I was doing some phonics work with Steven. I held up an "A" and Hannah says "a, A, ah". Turns out she knows most of her single phonics sounds, too.
Hannah loves playing with Steven and they will often jibber jabber back in forth in some unknown tongue. They love playing with their animals or babies, pretend to make food, play going to the store. They are adorable to watch.
Hannah is my little girl. She can be so tender and sweet.

Charles is now 14 months old. He's been walking for four months now and is an old pro. He loves to climb. If a chair is pulled away from the kitchen table he sees it as an open invitation to climb onto the table. He can climb up and down stairs just fine. He amazingly enough hasn't attempted another crib escape since that one time months and months back.
Charles loves books and often when the kids have been playing out of view and the house seems just a wee too quiet, I'll find Hannah and Steven playing nicely with their toys and Charles sitting on the floor perusing a children's book. I definitely relish those moments.
Charles says more words than we often take time to realize. Recently Hannah was crying over something and Charles walked up to her and gave her a hug and kiss. He's a very sweet, quiet little guy.
Recently I noticed he's been a bit more cantankerous than normal and realized he must be teething. I checked his mouth, sure enough he's cutting SIX teeth - poor thing.

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