Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Carr Update #29

On School ~
Sven finished his May class at Kuiper college last week. Next week he'll be taking a class at the Seminary. This class will last for just that first week. He'll be started his one summer class at Kuiper sometime in June as well.

On Work ~
As mentioned before, Sven starts work at the Seminary library next month. He starts the second week of June.

On Sewing ~
I've been having fun making diapers, ready to soon retire from making them for Steven and maybe start on some other fun sewing projects.

On Spitting Up ~
Steven's doing very well. After his tummy issues subsided, he started spitting up more, but now he's spitting up a lot less, for which we're glad.

On Sleeping ~
He's doing well with sleeping at night. It had only taken one day to switch his nights back after I accidentally allowed for him to confuse them (see previous post). He was sleeping for 4 hours, then awake every 2 to eat, and back to sleep in between. Yesterday, seeing as his spitting up is doing better, I tested to see if he'd eat more at each feeding after burping and sure enough, he was hungry and ate about 2x more than he previously was at each feeding. I watched closely and this didn't seem to result in more spit up, so I continued the longer feedings. This resulted in longer nap times between feedings and a longer space between the feedings. Also, he then slept for 6 hours before awaking to eat at night and then after going back to sleep he awoke 3 hours later for his next feeding. Hopefully Steven will continue to do well with eating and little more and sleeping a little longer at a time.

On ECing ~
We're getting the vast majority of his pee's and poo's into the potty, which is fun and exciting. He has one guaranteed wet diaper in a 24-hour period: after I put him down for the night, he's guarenteed to be wet when he first awakes to eat. Since I still have a few packs of disposable diapers that were given to us, I put him in a disposable when he goes down for the night. This saves on one diaper washing, since this wet diaper is predictable. For the rest of his diapers, I'm putting him in cloth (which I previously have not been very consistent about - I'd switch between cloth and disposable as was convenient). It seems this past week he's had one additional dirty diaper besides this one predictable one per 24-hour period. We do go through maybe 3-5 diaper inserts a day (he often goes a little poo before I get him to the potty, then finishes the job on the potty; and sometimes he does do the whole job in his diaper, although we're getting more and more poo's on the potty). A main reason we're now getting most of his poo's on the potty is that Steven's now makes it pretty clear that he wants to poo. I'll put him on his potty and if he has to poo and I take him off before he has, he'll start to cry. As soon as I put him back on the potty, he's content. Sometimes I - take him off, he cries, I put him back on, he's content - a few times in a row and each time he's back on the potty he either poo's or pee's. It's fun to have him communicate this so clearly and also encouraging knowing that he doesn't want to go in his diaper.

On Being Cute ~
He's smiling lots. Since his tongue has been snipped, we get to see him stick it out and move it around. He likes to straighten his legs when you hold him upright, which puts him in a standing position - he's so strong! He likes to coo and "talk" when you talk to him. He also likes to "sing" with me when I sing to him.

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