Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Update one Carr at a Time...

Steven's such a strong little guy. From birth he was trying to hold up his head, now he's pretty good at it. He rolled over twice before he was 6 weeks old (from his tummy to his back)!

Last Thursday Steven weighed in at 9 lbs. 5 oz., exactly 2 lbs. gained since he was born.

He's doing great with the elimination communication. Yesterday Evie Lanning babysat him for a couple hours for our anniversary. I let her know when he'd have to go and she put him on the potty - sure enough, he went. We actually had 3 days in a row with no wet diapers (only some poopy ones), but now we've had a few misses. I think Steven has gotten his days and nights a little mixed, so I've been a little too tired the last few nights to be alert enough to put him on the potty each time he needed to go, and so he's gone in his diaper. I'm working on switching his schedule back, hopefully in a day or two we'll be doing much better!

We found out on Thursday that Steven is tongue-tied. I had never heard of it before. We'll be getting that corrected tomorrow. Poor little guy!

He's been diligenty putting applications out there for employment.

A third of the way through his May semester at Kuiper College. He's keeping busy with this class: since it's a semester's worth of work crammed into three weeks, there's plenty of homework each day.

We were given some gift certificates to a local restaurant. Sven took me out to dinner for our one year anniversary yesterday. We had a nice meal and went for a nice walk downtown. I admire my husband very much and thank God for the wonderful year, may there be many, many more!

I still haven't sold or placed any candy machines. We have some options we're looking into as far as whether or not we want to pursue selling them or placing them.

I'm very much enjoying being a mother and thankful to the Lord for his good gift of Steven to us. Although Steven has been more work than I had anticipated, I can hardly wait for the Lord to bless us with more children.

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