Friday, May 2, 2008

Our Trip to MN for Steven's Baptism

Please view pictures from our trip back to MN at:

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip back to MN. It was Steven and my first commercial airplane ride (I've riden in a small 4-seater plane a few times). Sven has flown more times than he could remember to count. Steven rode in the sling and fell fast asleep to the noise of the engines. I kept his pacifier in the whole ride so he could suck when needed to keep his ears from popping.
We arrived at the airport in Minneapolis. My dad and uncle picked us up and we headed to my aunt's tax office where I've worked on and off for about 10 years to visit friends there.

We then headed to my parent's house to visit my siblings and their children, with a quick stop at an aunt and uncle's in between. It's always fun to see my parent's house filled with their kids and grandchildren!

We stayed the night at Sven's parent's house. On Friday, Sven's brother's family came over along with a couple of our friends. We had a nice time visiting with them.

On Saturday, we hung out at my parent's house all day as visitor's stopped by to see Steven. Thank you to all who came out to see us! It was so enjoyable for us! Trina had her daughter Brooke's 2nd birthday party that day at the house, too, so it was a busy and fun day!

On Sunday, Steven was baptized. We were blessed to have Sven's dad, Kevin administer this sacrament. We enjoyed seeing our church family again as well as other friends and family who came to Steven's baptism. Thank you to everyone who shared in this special time with us.

Our trip back to MN was busy and wonderful – it was nice to see so many of those we love and miss.

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