Saturday, January 24, 2009

Carr Update #64

Sven's parents just left yesterday after spending a week with us while Sven's dad attended a class at Puritan Seminary. We enjoyed having them around. Steven loved the extra attention.

Scarlet Stitch is working on a new Junior Line. I'm excited about it and can hardly wait to start production.

Some friends are interested in my making them diapers. I love making diapers and am glad to be able to provide nice ones to friends for much less than they could find elsewhere.

I also recently did some mending work on some dress shirts for a friend and look forward to making another friend some pants in February.

For ease of pottying, I've stitched a bunch of Steven's onsy-style shirts into regular shirts. It went very quick on my new serger.

Oh! forgot to mention the serger! Sven asked family and friends to go in on it for my birthday! I am so thankful and LOVE having a serger!

Teeth ~
Steven's two top teeth are coming through real well. His next two are visible under the gums, but haven't popped out yet.

Sleep ~
Steven's sleep is finally, basically, back-on-track. He's able to go to sleep on his own, once laid down and doesn't wake up throughout the night. Sleep is such a blessing!

Pottying ~
During both times Steven has been teething, there's been more misses, which I guess is common. We've had some good potty days interspersed, and are patiently looking forward to moving past the teething stage (for now).

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