Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Year 2008 Summary

Shortly after Crystal and I were married, we decided that it was time for me to finish my education. We have not regretted that decision, but it has not been without its share of hardships. I have since completed two semesters and have one left to go. If the Lord so wills, I will graduate May '09. But schooling is not over; it's only the beginning. We have another 4-5 years of seminary education as I work toward an M. Div. and a Th. M. There is a possibility that I will even work toward a Ph.D., but let's take one thing at a time. The Lord has brought us through trials this year. I have not been able to secure long-term employment, yet the Lord has sustained through this entire year. Though God brings us through all sorts of trials he is always there to supply us with everything we need to make it through. I have thought of the words of John Calvin often: "In short, such is his apportioning of it is conflict, that, while he assails us with one hand, he defends us with the other; yea, inasmuch as he supplies us with more strength to resist than he employs in opposing us, we may truly and properly say, that he fights against us with his left hand, and for us with his right hand." We have every reason to be thankful this year for the goodness God has shown us.

I fulfilled my pregnancy in Michigan, enjoying my home birth immensely. I enjoy being a mom, watching Steven grow through his many stages. This past year I found a passion for sewing as I began sewing cloth diapers for Steven. Shortly after starting to sew for a friend's company, Scarlet Stitch, I was blessed to become part-owner. You can view our cute kid's clothing line at Steven and I were able to visit MN a few times, as well as visit Buffalo, New York with Steve and Steve's parent's for a family reunion. I've been blessed to conceive again and am happily expecting our next baby in June.

Born March 24, Steven's been a strong boy ever since. He could hold his head up right from the beginning, began rolling over by six weeks of age, scotting around on his tummy by 5 months, crawling by 6 months, and at 9 months old is currently walking by holding onto furniture, occasionally letting go to stand by himself. He cut his first two bottom teeth and has grown back a blond head of hair to replace his darker head of hair at birth. He's enjoyed a few rides on the train, to and from MI and MN, as well as a few long car rides, including from MI to NY and MN to MI; He travels decidedly well. He's starting to "talk" more and more. He's enjoying eating pureed vegetables. He likes the phone, especially when one of his Grandmas is on the other end. He's enjoyed being potty trained (otherwise known as Elimination Communication or Pee Speak) since he was five weeks old and was recently interviewed, along with his mom, for a documentary to come out before this winter's end, entitled "One, Two...Pee. Pee Speak." (Soon you should be able to view the documentary's website:

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QB said...

thanks for the yearly update. we live so close and yet so far. maybe this will be the year we can connect again. blessings! xo the toman team