Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Lot to Talk About...

Sorry for not posting for a LONG time! It's been BUSY here! I won't be able to put pictures up yet, not until we get internet at home as all our pictures are on our home computer. Hopefully we'll have internet and phone hooked up this week or next.

I'll try to fill you in...

On Work ~
He had a job interview lined up for the day after we moved (Aug. 12th we arrived in MN) at McDonald's and got the job. The McDonald's is about a 10 minute walk from our townhome, which is wonderful, since we only have one car.

Sven worked two weeks and then was hired at my aunt's tax office (he wasn't going to start until tax season - January). So, bye to McDonald's. He works M-Th from 9-5pm. So great to have three-day weekends, a predictable schedule and great pay (not to mention a great boss!)!

On Seminary ~
Sven recently went back to MI for a conference and found out he can take classes at Puritan via long-distance. He really likes this seminary and so we're both grateful that he'll be able to attend, even though we're in MI. So, as the plan is for now, we won't be going to Colorado afterall, but sticking around good old Minnesota.

On Moving ~
We feel so blessed here in MN. We're living in a three-bedroom townhouse that my aunt owns. It feels HUGE compared to our two bedroom apartment. We're just a couple minute walk from a little, quiet park and hiking trail. I've got my own washer and dryer - I can't describe how much I am grateful for these!!! AND... I've got my own sewing room! I'm absolutely enjoying having the space to start a project, leave it spread out and finish it in between all the mothering/wife duties.

On Sewing ~
I've got all the furniture in the sewing room. I've got all my boxes in the sewing room. Now to unpack and organize. I've started unpacking, as I have sewn two skirts and two dresses and mended one dress since we've moved in. Oh, yes, and I've made one diaper. It's a medium that snaps down to a size small. I'll post pictures when I'm able.

On Work ~
I put in a couple hours for my aunt when Sven was working at McDonald's - around his schedule so he could watch Steven (and my sister came down with her kids one day and watched Steven). After my aunt hired Sven, she really wanted me to come in for a little while and told me I could bring Steven with (I already was bringing Hannah). So, I brought the kids and we all went to work. I just clocked out whenever I had to tend to the children. It's been working out very nicely. Steven's been taking four hour naps (with the exception of today).

On Teeth ~
I think he's working on his 13th and 14th teeth right now.

On Sleeping ~
He's gone without his plug (pacifier) for two days now. He lost one of his two plugs at Grandpa and Grandma Carr's this weekend. Monday night, instead of giving him the other one, I decided to be done. He's done very well.

On ECing ~
With the move, taking time to potty Steven was put on hold. Getting back into the swing of things, he's got some really great days, but mostly he ends up going about 1/2 on the potty and 1/2 in his diaper. Sometimes he's very obvious about needing to go and insisting upon staying on the potty until he's done. Other times he seems as if he couldn't care less about going in his diaper. He's done the potty sign in sign language a few times lately, but only when we're trying to put him to bed and he wants to play while sitting on the potty - the little stinker :) We've been giving him "treats" (little toddler cereal snacks) when he does go on the potty and he loves this. We should be receiving the PeeSpeak documentary any day now - looking forward to that!

On Being Plain Cute ~
We love watching Steven. He's so much fun and very adorable. He's started coloring. He likes to stack things. Loves to take out and put away, take out and put away. He likes to help me with laundry - he hands me clothes out of the basket. He likes to play in the water when I'm working on dishes. He likes to give Hannah kisses - and anyone else he knows that asks for one, along with hugs. He can sign "please", "thank you", "more" and "potty". He likes to give high-fives and shake hands. He loves to laugh, be tickled, make faces, play. He absolutely loves books and animals. I handed him a bird field guide book at the library, he snatched it from my hands, grunted, plopped onto the library floor and proceeded to point at the pictures as he made insistant noises.

On Growing ~
Hannah is 2 1/2 months old now. She's a little doll. She's getting more and more fun as she's now quite alert and loves to make faces, smile and coo. She can roll over from her stomach to her back and squirm around a little when she's on her tummy. She can hold her head up at a 90 degree angle. She's got quite a good grip when she wants to hold your finger.

On Sleeping ~
We had one night where she slept 8 1/2 hours - wow! But mostly sleeps 4-6 hour stretches at night. There are still some nights where she's up every 3 to eat - or the rare night (like last night) when she's up more often than that. She sucks her thumb as she falls asleep - has for awhile now - it's way too cute.

On ECing ~
I hadn't been pottying her much due to the move, but decided I better get back on that - the first time I put her on today, she went pee - that was my only catch today. I think she still knows what it is, I just have to be more diligent and put her on when she's ready.

On Her Birth Story ~
This will come. I haven't finished it yet. It's been a little difficult to write, but look forward to bringing it to you... soon ?


We feel so extremely blessed. Michigan was wonderful - a great time in our lives that I will always look fondly on. We hope our friendships made there will last a lifetime. We're grateful for the Lord's abundant goodness as he's provided a home for us here, and work to sustain us. We're getting on top of bills and look forward to paying down debt and saving up. We're enjoying being close to our family and friends here once again.


Kyle and Rachel said...

Thanks for the post! It's so nice to hear all that is going on in your lives. We look forward to seeing some updated photos of Steven and Hannah ;)

Wife, Mom, Teacher said...

Thanks for posting! So nice to hear how everyone is doing.

I'm glad you've been able to go to work with Sven sometimes... That sounds fun! We'd love to have N work from home (which would be our equivalent.) :)

We'll look forward to pics! Oh, I posted a bunch of pics on facebook, check them out!

Crystal Carr said...

Wednesday we get internet hooked up, so pics will come after that :)

I'm going to go check out your pics now, Heidi :)

tam said...

Its good to hear from you Crystal! I'm glad that everything has lined up so well for you guys there. God is good.

I miss you too!