Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our New Home

View from the entry way, looking up.

Our livingroom. My aunt provided all the furniture.
Looking towards the entry way from the livingroom. Steven loves the stairs. There's his beloved library book, bottom right.
Kitchen. View from the livingroom. We're swapping tables - this one has a glass top that's not tacked down. We're borrowing a wood table from my parents today.
Otherside of livingroom, view from the kitchen. My aunt even let us use her bassinet. So helpful when I want to keep Hannah out of Steven's reach (although he has climbed up it). Steven's playing with my glove pot holders. The first time he noticed me using them here he screamed and was afraid of them. Now he likes to put them on and chase me or vice versa.
My kitchen - sorry, picture was taken when we were still getting all settled - messy. :)

View from kitchen. Left door is a 1/2 bathroom. Middle door is the laundry room. Right doors are the pantry.

Downstairs 1/2 bath.
Laundry room. Blissful.
View of stairs from livingroom.
View of livingroom from entry way.
View of kitchen from entry way.
View of upstairs, looking into sewing room from entry way.

Outside sewing room.
Right side of sewing room.
Left side of sewing room.

Back wall of sewing room.

Steven's room.

Upstairs bathroom.

Hallway from top of stairs, looking toward bathroom.

Our walk-in closet.


Laura said...

Looks so nice! I bet you are loving it after living in an apt. When we moved back to MN, we lived in a 600 sq foot one bedroom apt for 5 months before getting our house, so I know how great it feels to be able to have a bit of elbow room after being squished. ;)

Wife, Mom, Teacher said...

Thanks for letting us visit you! :) It's nice to be able to picture your new home.

Crystal Carr said...

Yes, it feels huge after living in a 2 bdrm apartment. We feel amazingly blessed and praise the Lord for his overabundant goodness!