Saturday, June 5, 2010

Possibly Moving

It's been busy here at the Carr household, as I mentioned in a previous post. Here's what's going on...

As you know, due to the poor economy in Michigan, we moved back to Minnesota last August for work. Steve's been blessed with a job at the tax office, and we've been blessed with affordable housing through my aunt. We've enjoyed our unexpected season back in Minnesota, closer to family.

Through much prayer, consideration, seeking counsel, etc., Steve would like to start seminary this fall. He's hoping to attend New Geneva Seminary in Colorado Springs, CO. He was laid off from work after tax season here in MN. We took a trip to Colorado to check out work, housing and the seminary at the end of April. We set June 15th as our deadline - if he finds work in CO by then, we'll move before the baby is born (due August 26th), if not, we'll look at moving later in the year or even next summer.

Steve will be heading out to Colorado on Monday to job search there. If by the 15th he doesn't find work, he'll head back home and we'll plan on staying in MN until after the baby is born. If he does find work, he may come back to get us or start work and come back within the month to get us - just depends upon when they want him to start and such.

In the meanwhile, I'll be home with the kids, ready to pull together a packing party if I hear word from Steve that he has landed a job. (If you're in the area and want to be included, let me know!)

We appreciate your prayers as we seek and wait upon the Lord!


Shawn Anderson said...

Steve should email the local pastors to see if there might be jobs that the congregants know about.

Crystal Carr said...

Thanks, he is working with a pastor in Colorado Springs who has been very helpful so far.