Monday, June 7, 2010

Steven's Pottying

Remember ECing?

I had been ECing (Elimination Communication ie. infant pottying) with Steven since he was 5 weeks old (and Hannah since she was 5 days old). We moved to Minnesota in August 2009, and about 1 month after we moved Steven was getting 4 teeth - 2 eye teeth and 2 molars. He'd always lost some interest in pottying during teething (this is normal), but had still gone a number of times during the day during teething times. This time was different, he lost all interest in pottying and stopped going altogether. I knew it was because of the teething and didn't push it. Unfortunately, I got caught up in the many things I needed to do (after just moving and all) and when he was ready to get back on, I wasn't. So, months later, when I decided to pick up again, he was no longer interested. My bad.

I decided not to push him, as I had other priorities too. I'd ask him often if he needed to go. I started to put him on before bed time and nap time. He started to sit there long enough to be able to go, as he'd rather postpone bed time and nap time, but wasn't going very often at all - maybe once a week at best.

Lately, he's been requesting "potty" a little more often and for the past 4 or so nights has gone each evening just before bed. (For quite awhile he's sat on the potty at these times, "reading" and really putting off going to bed, but wouldn't go on the potty.)

This is very exciting for me. We're encouraging him and look forward to him starting to go more during the day.

On a side note: Hannah goes on the potty still. I just take her when I'm changing her diaper anyways. Hopefully I won't let the ball drop with her - but if I do, oh well - life happens :)

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